Helping people is about helping and supporting ourselves. We ourselves have now reached a profound crisis in virtually every area of human life, and this is certainly worth acknowledging.

The protection of human rights is one of the most acute problem areas, and it affects every continent, every country in the world and every individual. Discrimination, segregation, violence and slave labor, these and many other things we have to face every day. Through the work of our organization we try to segment each area so that our work is carried out with extreme precision, in the utmost detail and with the utmost care. Trying not to miss a single important point.
It's delicate, challenging and dangerous work, but it's what leads us to a world where everyone will be treated fairly and humanely.
ageism, eiblism, nationality, race or ethnicity, sex and gender, sexual orientation and gender identity
Fighting Discrimination
Support for orphans
and their adaptation and socialization
Human Rights
Mental Health
Health care and innovation