Animals are the most unprotected from humans and suffer the most from them. Over the past 25 years there has been great progress in this area, laws have been passed all over the world providing legal protection and protection of animals, foundations and organizations have been formed.
Unfortunately this is not enough and every day hundreds of crimes and facts of cruelty towards animals are committed, the law is broken, poaching and exploitation of animals flourishes. The scale of the disaster is catastrophic, hundreds of species of rare animals die out every year, millions of animals are killed by humans, and animal circuses and dolphinariums are still present in the modern world.

Our mission is to address issues and problems on all fronts, where we will need to take unprecedented measures, be tough m uncompromising in our decision making, use all resources, engage all available connections and capabilities to eradicate crime, win animal protection disputes and achieve legal safeguards.
ageism, eiblism, nationality, race or ethnicity, sex and gender, sexual orientation and gender identity
Protecting the rights of animals
Creating a joint register of homeless animals
Preserving rare species of animals
Support for initiatives against the exploitation of animals
Support for the construction of animal shelter centers
(circuses, dolphinaria, contact zoos)